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The community of Grimes, Iowa is proud to be an official Home Base Iowa community!  This initiative is to ensure that Grimes is doing everything that we can to be welcoming to military members and their families as they leave military service and transition to a civilian lifestyle. 

Grimes is a growing community that has proven to be a destination for individuals and families just seeking an attractive, progressive community that provides all the tools that give the best chance for a lifetime of opportunity, both professionally and privately. 

The local business community, the City of Grimes, and area citizens are working hand in hand to ensure that Grimes is a solid choice for veterans seeking not just a job, but a career and a lifestyle befitting of those who voluntarily gave their time in defense of our great Country and the freedoms we all enjoy.

Why this initiative is important?  There are many reasons; here are but a few:

  • Individuals who have served in the military have skill sets that position them to be quality employees for local businesses.
  • Veterans have a proven love of country and community that we cherish in Grimes. 
  • Grimes is a community of great neighborhoods and we believe veterans make great neighbors.
  • Our local employers hold in high regard individuals who value hard work, leadership and patriotism. 
  • As Robert J. Myers, President and CEO of Casey's General Stores stated, veterans "are trained to lead by example as well as through direction, delegation, motivation, and inspiration."  Those are qualities we respect.


Home Base Grimes Incentives and Employers

A complete list of area Home Base Iowa Employers and information on locally available incentives can be found HERE.


Insert picture hereGet Involved; The Mission is Ongoing

In order to ensure that this mission is successful, we need the support of local government, businesses, organizations, and citizens.  While we are achieved Home Base Iowa status, we want to continue to improve the number and quality of opportunities being offered in Grimes.  Whether you are a business or an individual...you can assist.

Becoming a Home Base Iowa Business

In order to become an officially recognized Home Base Iowa Business, companies are asked to:

  1. Pledge to hire a certain number of veterans by December 31st, 2018.  You can sign up through the official Home Base Iowa website HERE.
  2. Commit to posting their available job openings on the Home Base Iowa website. A searchable list of currently pledged companies from around the state can be viewed HERE.
  3. Optional -Consider the option of becoming an official member of Skilled Iowa.  The Skilled Iowa form can be found HERE.  It is not a requirement of Home Base Iowa, but is something that may assist your company identify qualified potential employees.
  4. Optional - Provide a valuable Incentive to Veterans who chose to move to Grimes and/or to all veterans in general.  To have your incentive added to the list of available incentives in Grimes please fill out the form found HERE.
  5. If you have forms to submit, simply email them to Grimes Chamber & Economic Development at brianb@grimesiowa.com or deliver them to 404 SE 2nd Street, Suite 200, Grimes, IA 50111.


Becoming a Home Base Grimes Ambassador

Unique to Grimes, we are creating a group of Home Base Grimes Ambassadors.  This group will work to ensure that those who come to Grimes through the Home Base Grimes initiative are made to feel welcome in the community.  The Ambassadors will help veterans and their families become aware of local resources, contacts, etc. so that their transition is a easy as possible.

If you're interested in becoming a Home Base Grimes Ambassador, please contact Grimes Chamber & Economic Development at brianb@grimesiowa.com


Local Government Involvement

The Grimes City Council unanimously approved the passage of a resolution in support of Home Base Iowa initiative in Grimes (Resolution NO. 03-0515) on March 24th, 2015. 

A copy of the official Resolution Supporting the Home Base Iowa Initiative can be viewed HERE.



Community Incentive Packages

The community of Grimes has developed welcome/incentive packages for veterans who choose to move to Grimes as a result of this initiative.  The Grimes Home Base Iowa Task Force is actively requesting benefits from local businesses and organizations that can be included in the package that would be offered to veterans.  The goal is to continue to improve the benefits offered through this program, so please consider helping us improve the number and value of benefits offered in Grimes.

Examples that we have seen so far include reduced costs for veterans on goods and services, financing, relocation support, cash, health club memberships, etc. 

If you have a business or organization that would like to offer an incentive to veterans who choose to move to Grimes and/or to all veterans in general please fill out and submit the form found HERE.


Home Base Grimes Task Force Members

The following individuals are currently serving as members of the Home Base Grimes Task Force: 

  • Tom Shatava, Committee Chairperson, COL (RET) IAARNG
  • Mayor Tom Armstrong (City of Grimes)
  • Brian Buethe (Grimes Chamber and Economic Development)
  • Clint Dudley (Shade Tree Auto/Snowtel Motel)
  • Dave Guthrie (Veteran & City of Grimes)



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