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Talk is Cheap; Improve Your Value

Social media

The phrase “talk is cheap” means it is easier to talk about doing something than to actually do something. According to, the phrase is an idiom that has been in use since at least the 1800s. I suspect that, even if the phrase was developed in the 1800s that the sentiment has been around much, much longer. To be fair, it really is much easier to talk about an issue than it is to properly address an issue.

One of the most common places to find cheap talk in this day and age is via social media. You can take your pick of platforms, but you will likely find a lot of great examples across the spectrum. I’m not going to bash social media, because when used appropriately, it is a great deal more than just a platform for gossip and procrastination. In fact, there are a lot of people and organizations that use it to share wonderful and productive stories, messages, information, etc.

We here at Grimes Chamber & Economic Development do our best to stay informed of what is happening in and around our community. We listen to our members, we listen to our strategic partners, and we listen to opinions. We also communicate information that we feel is important to target audiences. We love to talk to individuals or small groups about all the good things in our community. We do our best to inform people of all of the wonderful options they have in Grimes, Iowa for goods, services, employment, recreation, education, and more. We do the best we can to communicate appropriately and then, when we are able, to follow our talk with action that will benefit our members and the community at large.

In closing, we challenge you to increase the value of your communications, whether face to face or on social media, by doing more than just talking. Get involved in this community. Help your neighbors. Get to know your local retailers. Sign up to be a volunteer in a place of need or for a cause you are passionate about. Because talk might be cheap, but action is valued.

If you need a few ideas for how to get involved in Grimes, contact us at (515) 986-5770,, or hit us up on social media. We can start with some of that cheap talk and hopefully advance to some priceless advice.

Grimes Chamber & Economic Development can be found at, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter. Or you can stop by our office at 404 SE 2nd Street, Suite 200, in the heart of the Governors District.



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