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Encouraging Kindness & Support

By Brian Buethe, President | CEO, Grimes Chamber & Economic Development

August Newsletter Article

As 2020 progresses, time feels like it has been standing still. Yet, our world keeps spinning. The start of school is right around the corner with kids and teachers eager to get back to learning, however that may look. Fall sports will be starting soon (fingers crossed) and eventually summer will change to fall. These past five months have been an extremely challenging time and we as the Grimes business community have a responsibility to move forward in a kind and gracious manner. I ask that you join me in encouraging each other to be better and always look for the silver lining. Local businesses depend on a quick and intelligent recovery from this pandemic and we can all help each other get through this if we all work together.


I’ve reminded our Board of Directors and staff of this sentiment and we are committed to bringing positive and safe opportunities for our members to continue networking and doing business with one another. Whether or not you are comfortable participating in networking events while wearing a mask and social distancing, you can still have a positive impact. Encourage each other through social media interaction, purchase gift certificates and patronize local businesses anytime you can.

It is very exciting to see Ribbon Cutting Ceremonies and other modified events showing back up on the Chamber calendar. It shows that our community is continuing to grow and thrive and that we are also adjusting to a new (hopefully temporary) normal. I am still getting used to having conversations while wearing a mask, but if that is the safe middle ground then I will “mask up” anytime. Help us make these upcoming events fantastic with your participation, either in person or virtually, on Facebook Live, Zoom or whatever platform is offered.


Keep an eye on the Grimes Chamber & Economic Development social media accounts and website ( as we continue to announce new events and new dates for some of the events that were postponed previously. Now, more than ever, please remain positive and help make our community stronger together. Through it all, please do your best to be kind to one another. We are still blessed to be in a community that has so many great opportunities and a bright future. Good neighbors are even more important and valued during challenging times.

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