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Adapting & Overcoming

by Brian Buethe, President | CEO, Grimes Chamber & Economic Development

September Newsletter Article

It has become a bit challenging to manage an organization that has historically made great effort to bring people together in the era of COVID-19. Grimes Chamber & Economic Development has the great privilege of representing over 300 dues paying businesses and organizations in and around Grimes, Iowa. We do our best to promote, refer, educate, and provide opportunities for our members to network and learn from one another. By working together, we consistently strive to improve the economic well being of not only our members, but of all people, businesses, and organizations who call Grimes their home and/or workplace.


However, in 2020 we have had to make tough decisions that have resulted in a drastic reduction of in-person events. Large scale community events that we organize (most notably Governors Days), were just viewed as too difficult to organize in a way that we felt would be safe. Nevertheless, we have been able to conduct some smaller, limited attendance events as we have learned from others how to do them safely. Much has changed for us, which is true for most businesses. We, like them, have had to adapt the way we do things to continue providing value for those who trust us to deliver.


Our local school districts have also been challenged like never before. Their customers are perhaps some of the most cherished in our community…our children.  The school districts are also some of the biggest employers in our community. Over the years we have known many of the teachers, administration, support staff, and volunteers from the schools and know how much they care about the students as individuals. They also take very seriously their responsibility to provide a top-notch educational experience.

Like businesses, individual teachers and the school district in general has had to make unprecedented changes to the way they do business. However, also like businesses, their ability to adapt has been impressive. This is a trait that, while it may not be exclusive to us, the ability to adapt throughout and advance to changing circumstances throughout history has played a significant role in our success as a Country. It has led to our Country being one of the most innovative in the world.


We applaud our local educators for the work they are doing on behalf of our community today. The fruits of their labors will be evident in the quality of our future leaders and workforce. Hopefully, they will be prepared to handle whatever challenges they will be faced with in the future. Whether it be a business, our schools, or your neighbors, we encourage you to stay positive and do what you can to help everyone adapt and overcome in the days to come. #LoveGrimes

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