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The Fourth Quarter

by Brian Buethe, President | CEO, Grimes Chamber & Economic Development

October Newsletter Article

Most people, whether a fan of football or not, know that there are four quarters in a football game. For those of you that watch football, you will often see the players raising their hands at the end of the third quarter holding four fingers up. They are telling their teammates, their fans, and anyone who cares to pay attention that the fourth quarter is upon them. Especially in close games, this is significant because it is the quarter that will determine the outcome of the game. True competitors know that this is the moment where individuals and teams have the opportunity to shine. This is the moment that those who have done the work, diligently prepared their minds and their bodies, are more likely to reach their goal…to take claim of their hard-earned victory.


If the year 2020 is like a football game, it has been a tough one. Our opponent has thrown a lot of obstacles in our path. Uncertainty, fear, and anger have made life uncomfortable for so many people and businesses alike. While we all fight our personal battles, we as a community are hopefully on the same team. In football, the teammates, coaches, support staff and fans do not always agree on what the best play is at any given moment. However, the BEST teams are the ones who, no matter what, prepare with the best interest of the team at heart.


We at Grimes Chamber & Economic Development, in a year that has been particularly challenging for many of our esteemed members, are more motivated than ever to do what we can to help our team. However, we cannot win this, or any other game, by ourselves. Local businesses, our partner organizations, and the people of Grimes are all on our team. When we work together for the good of one another, we are all better for the effort.


To date, we think our “team” has performed admirably. We have seen so many businesses do whatever they could to adjust, for the sake of their employees and their customers, so that people can be safe. So that they can continue to offer products, services, and value under trying circumstances. So that they can continue to employ people, sponsor little league teams, donate the local food pantry, pay their taxes, etc.

Businesses almost always need the support of the community in which they reside. In that way, this year is no different. However, some businesses are just hanging on, and more than ever need the support of the community if they will survive in the months and years to come. The problem with the fourth quarter in football is often fatigue. The first three quarters have been hard, and we are all tired. So, we must do our best as an organization, a business, a community…a team to get to the end of the game.


Thank you to all of you have continued to support this fantastic community. Raise your hands. Push through and continue doing whatever you can to help this wonderful Team Grimes.

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