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Choose Positivity

by Ben Butzke, 2020 GCED Board Chair, Grimes Chamber & Economic Development

November Newsletter Article

As I am writing this article the election is still in process, but we have seen one common theme locally and nationally. Americans, Iowans and Grimes residents showed up at the polls in record numbers one way or another. A high voter turnout should be encouraging no matter your party affiliation. It is refreshing to see our citizens exercise their right to vote and have their voices heard. Now we can take this political involvement to the next level by getting to know our new representatives and ensure they are aware of the issues that affect our livelihood. Grimes Chamber & Economic Development will continue to help our members and citizens connect with our legislators through networking events and legislative forums. We can all help our community and country with your continued involvement.


As our country continues to evolve so does Grimes, in major ways. Whether it is new roads, residential developments or new businesses coming into our community, we can choose to embrace the growth while still remembering our roots. Grimes has always been a community focused city where our residents and businesses play a major role in events, non-profits and culture. Grimes is now the fastest growing city in Iowa and we can continue to support our neighbors and small businesses while also feeling excitement for new restaurants, retail and entertainment venues. Online shopping has continued to take market share and I encourage everyone to find a balance of convenience and supporting local businesses.


Whether we are talking about politics, community growth or new development we can choose to have a positive mindset. Parks, trails and other quality of life amenities will continue to expand and improve but it won’t happen overnight. New developments and businesses will continue to make these community projects possible, so I choose to embrace and support the growth in Grimes. Stay in the know, stay involved and make a difference wherever you can.

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