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Peace Be With You

By Brian Buethe, President | CEO, Grimes Chamber & Economic Development,

December Newsletter Article

The holiday season is filled with emotions every year. The emotions vary with every individual’s personality and circumstance and our emotions evolve with the season. One day we are thankful; grateful for all we have. The next moment may include frustration that we could not find that perfect gift for a loved one. Sometimes, even around friends and family, we become jealous, snarky, upset, and even angry. But those same friends and family bring the greatest feelings of love, affection, and fulfillment. Some people wear their emotions on their sleeve, while others tend to keep them hidden.


In the business world, a lot of those emotions are tied to the fact that we are nearing the end of the year. Perhaps especially this year, but in any year, businesses are often faced with the end of their fiscal year in addition to the end of the calendar year. They experience excitement and the prospect of elevated retail sales. Remember, the term for the historic day after Thanksgiving “Black Friday”, was coined because for many retailers, this was the first day of the year (on average) that they might get their books into the black; having operated the rest of the year on the red side of the ledger sheet.  But this isn’t true for all and some business owners/managers have to deal with the stress that this may be their last hurrah. If they fail, they not only face the prospect of financial loss, but also the reality that follow, such as defaulting loans, layoffs, etc.


So, it becomes a balancing act. Strive for the good. Ward off the bad. Recognize that it is normal to experience emotions, but in that recognition, understand that others are dealing with their own story as well. In the past, Grimes Chamber & Economic Development, through this medium and others, has tried to point out many of the wonderful things about our community. It is true that by many standards, we have it very good. Statistics will support that we are thriving. The community continues to grow (while many others stagnate or shrink), there are often new businesses to celebrate (but sometimes even the good ones have to close), we have an extremely well educated population (but those college loans are a burden to many).  As an organization, for the good of our members and our community, we will continue to work on the tough stuff and celebrate the great stuff.


This year, for reasons that do not need to be explained, has been different. As always, but perhaps more important than ever, we ask that you do what you can to learn about and support our local business community. As a community, we continue to be blessed, even in uncertain times. Whatever emotions that you are clinging to this holiday season, on behalf of the many Members of Grimes chamber and Economic Development, we have a simple wish…may peace be with you.



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