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Crisp Leaves, Bright Lights and Cool Breezes

By Ben Butzke (Butzke Burch Construction), Board Chair, Grimes Chamber & Economic Development

September 2021 Newsletter Article

The crisp leaves, bright lights from the stadium, and cool breeze is upon us. Fall doesn’t officially begin for a few more weeks but everything that comes with it is quickly approaching. Our kids are back in school and jumping into their activities, football season is under way and yes, pumpkin spice lattes have made their return at our favorite coffee shops. For me, each change of season is a new beginning with exciting opportunities. Not to mention, some semblance of normalcy is also cause for optimism.


You may have noticed a variety of new development around town. Regional and national interest in our great town has resulted in ribbon cutting celebrations on a regular basis. At Grimes Chamber & Economic Development, it is our goal to help bring new businesses to our community while also supporting our member businesses that have called Grimes home many years. Now, more than ever, it is critical to shop local and patronize businesses owned by your friends, neighbors and fellow Grimesonians. The “keep it local” mentality will help maintain a strong community identity during this incredible growth.


Grimes Chamber & Economic Development is growing right alongside our community. Governors Days 2021 was a record setting event and the organization is building on that momentum. The upcoming golf outing at Beaver Creek Golf Course is sold out and has more interactive sponsors than ever before. The incredible staff at GCED are making annual and monthly events bigger and better than ever. These events provide great opportunities for our members to network and build new relationships. I’d encourage you to engage in our member opportunities and build connections.


As our city continues to grow, so do the needs for various areas of support. The Grimes Community Foundation has great synergy with GCED and recently held a fundraiser for the Grimes Storehouse (food pantry). It was humbling to see our community show up in force and raise an incredible amount of money that will go to fight local food insecurity and support new programming at the Storehouse. This is just one example of the generosity and compassion that the people of Grimes have for one another. If we continue to look out for our neighbors, then the future of Grimes will be bright and exciting for all.

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