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Summertime Memories!

by Ryleah Cross, Edward Jones - Ryleah Cross, Board Chair of Grimes Chamber & Economic Development

June 2022 Newsletter Article

Growing up I have the best memories that came from the summertime. The last day of school brought much excitement and joy around the possibilities of the next couple months that were free from school and schedules. I have three brothers and there was never a shortage of activities to get roped into. From swimming at the local pool to bike riding all over town to playing flashlight tag well into the evening, I can't help but smile thinking about the fun we had. While the place a grew up in was a little larger than Grimes currently is, the amenities are similar. There are many things that distract us today from getting out and enjoying the great benefits of our communities. We have jobs, technology, and TV that all draw us inside on most days, but have you experienced the simple pleasures of the community around you recently?


We have an amazing set of bike trails that can take you all over in an easy manner. As a parent I love taking my kids out on the bike trails through town. They love it as well! While riding around we usually find a park to stop at for a snack and playtime. The parks we have in Grimes are fantastic. If you are wondering, my kids rank the park at the south sports complex at the top of their list, followed closely by Kennybrook South Park.


Our library is another favorite summer spot. Not only does it give the kids a change of scenery, but they have a great summer reading program. The library offers many fun activities during their summer reading program and if you haven't had a chance to stop by and learn more, I would encourage you to do so! For parents of younger kids, they offer 3 story times a week that have music, books and a craft. Soon the library will break ground on a new location at the corner of Beaverbrooke Blvd. and James Street. The new location will give our community a great space to continue to enjoy for years to come.


Whatever your plans include over the summer I hope that you find time to enjoy the simple (and free!) pleasures that Grimes has to offer. Enjoy your family. Take a technology break. Read a book outside in your favorite chair. These months pass in the blink of an eye! I hope to see you out in our community over the summer, don't forget to say hello!

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