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You Don’t Have To

by Brian Buethe, President | CEO, Grimes Chamber & Economic Development

January 2023 Newsletter Article

The calendar has flipped once again and so begins a month, perhaps longer, of screwing up the dates on letters, checks, etc. It sometimes takes me a while to catch on to change, even if it happens every year. I’ve come back around the idea of making resolutions in the new year; something I gave up on for a time. Usually for me, they are a bust, as I understand they are for many. However, every once in awhile something will stick that yields some positive results for either myself or those around me.


The concept of resolutions at the new year are far from a new trend. In fact, according to my extensive research (e.g. a quick consultation with Professor Google) the practice has been going on in some form or fashion for at least 4,000 years. Evidently, the first recorded new year resolutions were from the ancient Babylonians, who were also the first to have new year celebrations in general. The only caveat is that they were celebrating the new year in March instead of January. My imagination pictures Babylonians getting together and contemplating whether to go on a diet and hit the gym in the new year, save up for a new chariot, etc.


In our community, we enter the new year with great anticipation almost every year. We are blessed to be in a community in which there is something new and exciting to celebrate annually…something I personally hope will continue for a long time. This year we have new restaurants to choose from that have recently opened, or are under construction. Parents can look forward to taking their kids to the new splash pad in Waterworks Park. The entire community will be able to gather at the new Grimes Public Library. And groups from far and wide will begin to travel to Grimes to visit the Grimesplex (the largest multi-use sports turf complex in the Midwest) when it opens later this year.


If you have an interest and/or opinions about economic development in Grimes and want to become more involved, a good first step would be to engage in the community. Get to know your neighbors. Learn about the many wonderful businesses that have existed in Grimes for a long time. Better yet, get to know the people that run them. Need an introduction? Contact If we know them, we’ll help make a connection.


Your resolutions don’t have to center around development. Other ideas include…join a service organization, attend a sporting event, donate your time and money to a good local cause.  There are more, but you get the idea. It is clear that in Grimes there is opportunity to fulfill many altruistic resolutions that would better you and/or those around you, but ultimately, …you don’t have to. However, we hope you do.


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