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Major Step in the Right Direction

By Adam Bunge | Board Chair, Grimes Chamber and Economic Development

April 2024 Newsletter Article

Dear Community Members,


An often overlooked, but vitally important component of our city's infrastructure revolves around our wastewater management. This has been an area of focus for the city and a common topic amongst residents for many years. I am excited that we have a long-term solution to an, at times, stinky problem. As board chair for Grimes Chamber and Economic Development and a commercial lender for City State Bank, I view progress like this as a necessity for our current residents and businesses along with a great step towards allowing continued economic growth for Grimes, moving forward.


The decision to connect to the Wastewater Reclamation Authority (WRA) is a testament to our city’s dedication to creating a cleaner, more sustainable, and healthier environment in Grimes for generations to come. By investing in sustainable infrastructure, we are allowing our growing community to continue to thrive. Many of you are aware that the current wastewater management site has exceeded its maximum designed capacity and is inadequate to meet the community’s needs. Here are a few facts:


  • The existing wastewater treatment plant was opened in the 1970’s and at the time, was located approximately 1 mile north of the City.
  • The wastewater treatment plant was designed for a population that many thought Grimes would never have.


What were the options?


  • Expand the plant where it is today
  • Build a new plant elsewhere in the City Of Grimes
  • Connect to the regional sewer authority, aka: WRA


After thorough analysis and consideration, the most cost-effective and long-term solution was to connect to the WRA. This project started in 2022 and is nearing completion. This is not a “light switch” transition. The transition is occurring as I am writing this message and will be completed in 2025. This process has many steps including the decommissioning of the existing wastewater treatment facility. Decommissioning of the existing location will also provide an opportunity to repurpose the existing site which is centrally located and adjacent to Heritage Elementary.


Grimes is growing and will continue to do so. This project, although underappreciated, expensive, and overdue, underscores our city’s commitment to sustainability and progress. By investing in infrastructure, we are safeguarding the well-being of our community and ensuring a more efficient approach to this issue for generations to come.


From my perspective, the conversion of our aging wastewater treatment plant to a more sustainable option marks a significant milestone in our city’s journey towards a cleaner, more sustainable future. This is a major step in the right direction for the City of Grimes. I’m unsure of the best way to celebrate this step other than applauding the City of Grimes’ commitment towards growing Grimes in a future-focused manner.

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